Plumbing is an interesting subject, contrary to what pop culture might have you believe it to be. Here are 10 interesting facts about plumbing that you may or may not have known!


1. The first patent for a flushing toilet was issued to Alexander Cummings in 1775; however, he did not invent the flushing toilet! Another man named John Harrington did in 1596.


2. The word plumbing comes from plumbum, which is Latin for lead. For those of us who enjoy science, the periodic table lists lead as Pb because of its relation to plumbum.



3. Albert Einstein would have chosen to plumb as a career if he could start all over again. Even more unusually, he was made an honorary member of the Plumbers and Seamfitters Union.


4. Mario and Luigi from popular Nintendo “Super Mario Bros” games were both plumbers.


5. Manhole covers are circular so that the cover can’t fall into the hole if it is turned sideways. Of course, there are exceptions to this. A manhole cover in Wiesbadan, Germany is shaped like a pentagon and each part opens up.



6. Flushing a toilet in the southern hemisphere does not mean it has to flow in the opposite direction, contrary to the popular myth.


7. Plumbers are some of the most talented people. Ozzy Osbourne of Black Sabbath fame and Oscar award winner Michael Caine were both plumbers before rising to Hollywood fame. Could your local plumber be the next big Hollywood star too?



8. King George II of Great Britain died in 1760 by falling off a toilet.


9. A low flush toilet can save you more than 17, 000 gallons of water every year!


10. According to some studies, the average person spends at least 3 years of their life sitting on the toilet. That’s 1, 576, 800 minutes of time on the toilet in your lifetime! This number has increased with the amount of people bringing mobile devices and computer devices to the toilet.



With the strangeness of some of these facts, it’s easy to see why plumbing is such an interesting subject, especially knowing that one of the most genius minds in history wanted to become a plumber.


We hope you’ve become slightly more interested in plumbing. Wrench It Up is available whenever you need expert plumbing all around Toronto– we have your emergencies covered. Just give us a call!

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