Finding the right plumber for you, in a city as huge as Toronto, can seem like such a daunting task. Not only are there dozens and dozens of different plumbing companies, but an outstanding amount of them have may seem very similar in their information and presentation. So how exactly do you pick the company that best suits your needs? How can you tell the difference between two almost identical services?


If you want to make sure you end up with the best results, we have five tips that will make sure you find the right plumbing company for your needs.


1. See what sort of services the company offers. Often, some plumbing companies will not be able to accommodate things like emergency plumbing or may not have commercial plumbing. Many companies may be unable to do certain services, eliminating them from the running to be the plumbing company that you should call. Many companies will operate websites listing their services offered. If you find your service is not listed there, calling the company for assurance on whether or not they can do that service is the quickest way to deciding whether or not this plumbing company is right for you.


2. Ask your friends and family for referrals – if a plumbing company in Toronto has already worked with people you are familiar with, they will be much more honest about the plumbing company and its services. You can feel assured knowing that your familiars can tell you more about the company’s services and which ones they used.


3. Look at some of their reviews and references for a better understanding of how other customers feel about them. Reading over Google reviews and Facebook comments can reveal important information about the company’s treatment of past customers, have some candid snaps of some of the work the company has done in the past, and tell you which services they commonly perform for their customers. Knowing what others think of a company you are considering hiring will help expand your breadth of knowledge and your comfort levels with the expert plumbing company you do hire.


4. Make sure your plumber is licensed. A licensed plumbing company will be better equipped to handle the different problems that could arise during the process of plumbing fixes. Only a licensed plumber can give you the quality that you are paying for.


These tips will lead you to finding a plumber who can best handle the plumbing issues you are having. A licensed plumber, with positive reviews and a stellar reccommendation from your family and friends will be better to ease your nerves about your plumbing than a plumber who has no idea how to handle some aspects of a plumbing job. A little bit of research on your behalf can go a long way. As a local plumbing company, Wrench It Up can offer the best of all of these qualities, with licensed, trained plumbers who can work 24/7 as per your schedule. Call us for a consultation and an estimate for your repair.

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COVID-19 Update: In this critical time of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are taking extra efforts to ensure health and safety of our customers, technicians and community as we continue providing 24/7 plumbing services. Learn more about COVID-19 updates and safety measures at Wrench it up.