Calling a plumber in can be such a huge hassle. Everyone has busy schedules, and in Toronto, putting time aside from work and family obligations for something like calling a plumber could take out a huge chunk of your day. Every owner of a building, whether residential or commercial, could use some tips to avoiding having to call a plumber.


There is a multitude of simple steps to take that can help save your plumbing in the long run. Tons of these steps involve you taking simple actions, and do not require an expert plumber.


1. Insulate your Pipes. Protecting your pipes in important areas that are vulnerable to cracks and freezing will save you a lot of plumbing calls in the future. Outdoor pipes are the obvious perpetrators of dealing with cracks which lead to pipe replacements in the future. Insulating outdoor pipes will save you a lot more money in plumber calls, especially in Toronto where the temperature can drop or increase all throughout winter and fall. Insulation can protect your pipes as well eliminate risks associated with your heat being too low. It can protect you from using too much home energy. Your thermal efficiency within your home will rise, and you will start to conserve heating in a way that won’t raise your home’s heating bills during cold winter.



You can purchase proper insulation at local hardware stores but calling an expert plumber to help insulate your indoor and outdoor piping can help save on pipe replacements in the future.


2. Maintain your sink and drains. Mesh screens can save you a lot of money when it comes to clogged drains. Simple drain mesh material, like a drain cover, will filter out any solid products that could easily clog your drain. If you can toss out any disposable materials, it will ensure that you aren’t spending extra money on a plumber.



3. Use a trashcan! Your recycling, composite bin, and litter bin are a much better option for letting your drain swallow the remains of any leftover residue, or products. When you eat pasta, fruits or vegetables, scooping them out of a drain mesh cover and into the appropriate litter bin is better for your drain than allowing it to intake these drain-clogging materials. Any sort of paper, material or other obtrusive objects can be recycled. This simple step can go a long way to save your drain from clogging, and also ensure you play your part in saving the environment.

4. Avoid drop-in toilet fresheners. These convenient ways of cleaning your toilet may temporarily freshen your toilet every time you flush, but they also wear away the inner working parts of your toilet. You will have to replace these. It is better to clean your toilet periodically manually, instead of having a freshener inside.



That’s it – it’s as simple as following these four steps for a better chance at avoiding many common plumbing issues. If however, you do encounter any problems anyway, Wrench It Up can help fix any of your plumbing issues. An expert plumber can fix any clogged sinks and can help maintain your plumbing. Knowing what can harm your drainage and your pipes will greatly reduce your need for a plumber and your waste management all at once!


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