Green is the new black. As a society, we are much more aware now of our impact on the environment, and plumbing can help save the earth. Nature itself is losing its place on earth, and if we can save water, avoid damaging the environment, and conserve energy, as a society everyone should put in their part.


Naturally, this means plumbing, too, can contribute to the process of “going green.” There are many ways to make your home a “green” plumbing home. Asking a local plumber about ways to go green opens a door of opportunities for impacting the environment in a positive way.



1. A Tankless Water Heater uses less energy than a traditional tank-type water heater and lasts ten years longer. They take up less space and aren’t limited to the size of the tank. Asking your local plumber about a tankless heater and how it could fit into your home is one way to use less energy. Going green can both save you money in the future, as well as help you take a huge leap forward towards going green.


2. Dual-flush toilets use less of the household water because one side of the flush will use less water for liquid waste, as opposed to a stronger flush with only one option. These toilets are available increasingly more with the awareness of saving water in current culture. Any plumber can painlessly install a dual-flush toilet, and save you more water and energy with each appropriately chosen flush.



3. Fix leaky faucets! When your faucet is leaking, you are wasting precious resources such as water and energy, as well as costing yourself more money. Having your faucet fixed that will ensure you both save water, save money and help keep more fresh water from being wasted.


4. Being able to unblock your sink naturally, without the use of harmful chemical products, can be difficult, but is entirely doable. Using a plunger often unclogs smaller sink issues, despite taking more time and effort than dumping chemicals into your sink. If your clogged sink or toilet is not fixed using a plunger, contacting an expert plumber can solve any serious clogged sink issues that a plunger could not handle. Chemicals often harm the environment, contaminate clean water and damage your piping and faucet, making the green option safer for both you and the environment.


5. Whole house water filters naturally clean the water in your home and will extend your water heaters lifespan. Chemicals and toxins are present in tap water, and using a clean water filter can be clean for both the environment and for you. It will save money in the form of your water heater as well as eliminate a need to purchase bottled water.


Green plumbing is entirely do-able, and a local plumber can help you develop many different ways beyond these simple forms of green plumbing that will innovate your home. The possibilities are endless! When you contact Wrench It Up, we can work with you to make your building environmentally friendly. We offer many options for plumbing that are safe for your home and for the environment, and our plumbers are fully certified in safe plumbing. If you’re planning to go green, your local plumbers should be able to, too.

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