There are so many things you could do to help your plumber out, but the items on this list are not it. Helpful is proactive in protecting your plumbing– things like insulating your pipes, cleaning your drains and buying a toilet that has two flushing levels. But there is also the flip side – things your plumber wishes you wouldn’t do.


Below are 8 simple tips that your local plumber probably wishes you would not do.


1. Leaving a hose connected during the winter is risky both for you and for the environment. You could damage your hose, freeze the outdoor faucet, and damage its water supply! Hoses can be something we don’t consider when it comes to winter prep, but removing your hose during the winter could save you one costly visit to a local plumber, as well as some embarrassment.



2. Too much drain cleaner is a thing! You don’t want to clog up your drain with drain cleaner. It’s best at times to clean using natural sources around you, like vinegar, water and lemon. And if the clog is persistent, calling in a local plumber is a much quicker solution.


3. A band-aid-fix may seem like a good idea but is more often than not damaging to the leaks on pipes and fauces that you are avoiding. You should call in a local expert plumber to fix any leaks – putting tape on it or just ignoring the issue could worsen it. Before you know it, you could be up to the knees in water.



4. Using vent pipes for anything besides plumbing is a huge mistake. There have been reports of some homeowners running TV cables through plumbing vent pipes. The result is things like clean air not being directed out of the home and sewage being unable to cleanly flow into the appropriate areas. You could be allowing your neighbour’s sewage smells and waste into your home, all while risking the electric integrity of any cables running through the vent. Yuck!


5. Screwing, nailing or cutting into walls with hidden pipes – it happens more often than you would think. DIY plumbers often do not know what is behind a wall, and only an expert plumber is aware of where piping is. Think of the water or sewage pipes that could be hidden behind that wall, ready to burst if you cut through them.


6. Using the toilet as a trash can may not seem like such a huge issue until you realize you’re risking clogging, and overflowing your toilet. As it stands many older toilets can’t handle objects being flushed in, so adding toiletries, toys and even unknown liquids into the toilet will clog it.



7. Flushing your fish down a toilet when it goes belly up is one of the biggest mistakes a homeowner can make. There are many environmental and plumbing risks associated with it. You could easily damage your pipes if your fish is too big, you could risk it getting stuck in the small, 3-inch pipe that is the pipe for your entire home. You could risk flushing something contagious into your pipes – after all, if a parasite may have killed your fish, or if your fish had swallowed something harmful, that harmful product is getting into the pipes and into the environment. You may be better off burying your fish in the yard, or even throwing it in a garbage, weather permitted.



8. Learn how to turn the water supply tap off! You could damage your home and pipes if you cut into anything without making sure the main supply of water is shut off. It is one of the biggest mistakes a homeowner makes during DIY plumbing, and one of many things an expert plumber will ask you to do first.


These 8 tips may not make you an expert plumber, but they will save you an unnecessary call to your local plumber. And if you’ve made one of these mistakes unknowingly and found the damages have been too much for you to handle, be sure to call Wrench It Up for an emergency fix immediately. We can solve all of your plumbing mistakes.


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