Our Mission Statement


Wrench It Up will always put its customer as a priority. We strive to provide excellent craftsmanship and reliability. We can provide a multitude in installation, maintenance, commercial and emergency plumbing services. We have all of your plumbing needs covered, including:

–  Clogged Drains
–  Leaking toilets, faucets and pipes
–  Water heater repair and installation
–  Commercial and residential services
–  Damaged sewer lines
–  Frozen pipe prevention and replacement
–  As well as emergency plumbing services


Give us a call today at 1-416-800-5050 for a free consultation. For an emergency plumber, Wrench It Up will put you first in eliminating any potentially damaging plumbing leaks, cracks and clogs.

Wrench It Up always provides dedicated and reliable 24/7 emergency plumbing repairs.

We will put you first and can solve any emergency.

Call Us Immediately!!!

We will respond quickly and get there as soon as possible. In the meantime, take these simple steps to prevent any additional damage to your plumbing:


1. Locate and turn off the main water valve in order to cut off the flow of water
2. Place towels or containers under and around the leak to avoid unnecessary spillage
3. Point us in the right direction as soon as we arrive. We’ll start working on your problem quickly.


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