Bathroom Plumbing Problems are common in any home or business establishment. While there are widely known do-it-yourself solutions, it is also worth knowing when it is the right time to call a professional to ensure you fully understand and solve the problems that your plumbing system may have.


A clogged toilet can be remedied with a plunger or closet auger, but misuse of these tools can lead to a big mess or the flooding of rooms or establishments in the floors below. If your efforts with a plunger and auger do not clear out the clog, you should contact a professional to assess and fix the issue.

Another problem that can occur is when your toilet seems to run on its own, without anyone using it. Your toilet most likely has a malfunctioning valve within the tank, and you can purchase a toilet repair kit from a hardware store in order to fix or replace it. However, if the issue isn’t obvious when you open up the tank, then once again it is a good idea to contact a professional plumber to ensure that you don’t have a more serious problem in your system causing the running toilet (such as excessively high water pressure).


If your shower head is not providing an even stream of water, you can detach and clean it with a safe cleaning solution or a course needle. However, newer shower heads are self-cleaning and shouldn’t need this type of maintenance.

You need to ensure that the pressure and temperature of the water coming through your shower are at desirable levels. What may be comfortably hot for you, may be scalding to young children or elderly adults. In addition, issues with water pressure may affect the varying temperature of water in your shower.

If you are experiencing multiple issues within your shower, including a clogged or foul-smelling drain, you should contact a professional plumber from Wrench It Up to inspect, identify what is causing your problems, and offer affordable solutions that will return your shower to a comfortable and squeaky-clean state.

Sink & Faucet

The most common bathroom problem is a clogged sink drain, which can usually be fixed with a chemical drain cleaner or a plunger. However, misuse or overuse of these tools on a recurring clog can damage your plumbing system. Another way to fix a clog would be to take apart the apparatus beneath the sink and manually remove the clog from the U-shaped trap. However, you will get your hands dirty from the process and it may not ultimately solve the problem.

Another common problem is a leaky faucet that endlessly drips, wasting water and providing a sometimes-excruciating noise. You may be able to unscrew the faucet in order to replace a worn-out seal or other component. However, build of up sediment or scale can make the faucet extremely difficult to disassemble, which may lead to damage if you try too hard.

Put the Plunger Away, and Wrench It Up!

Contact our team of licensed professional plumbers at Wrench It Up to easily take care of any problems you have with a stubborn sink or faucet. In many cases, the minor issue you are experiencing is only a symptom of a greater problem that could lead to expensive damage in the future. We are here to help, and we look forward to providing you the best plumbing services at affordable prices.


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