Have you ever heard a “glug-glug” sound coming from your drain? That gurgling sound in the drain indicates that there may be an issue with the air in the drain pipes. It may be caused by air being forced through the water in your drain trap, as the vents are blocked. If it happens only in the sink, we have to check the sink vents, but if it happens during the flushing toilet or draining the tub, we need to inspect the complete vent system.

Gurgling drains are an indication of improper ventilation of your plumbing.  When you are using a sink drain or flushing a toilet, water enters the waste pipe. As it fills inside the pipe, the water pushes air in front of it and generates a vacuum behind. It exerts a significant inner force on the pipes. Except there is a vent so more air can come in and the air will enter through any available opening. The gurgling sound from the sink is the sound of air hastening past the water upright in the sink or at the end of the trap.

Mainly there are two causes for a gurgling drain. We will go through each of them. One may be an issue with the P-trap and other may be issues with the venting system.

Drain P-Trap

If a shower drain does not have a p-trap, the p trap is busted, or the p-trap is empty, it can result in a gurgling drain. The p-trap closes your shower drain efficiently with the water pressure contained in the p-trap and thus prevents air from the plumbing system this way instead of through the venting system. In absence of it, air would continually flow up through your tub drain and then you will hear gurgling. Test and see whether you have a p-trap installed or is there any cracks inside, which makes water to escape. If so you have to fix it soon.


Plumbing Venting System

Plumbing vent systems let air to move water through a distinct pipe that will not block the continuous flow of water and thus avoid gurgling. If your plumbing pipes have no water, air fills inside the pipes. Every plumbing system will have vent systems that transfer air out. When the drain of the vent is clogged, the air will flow to any other exit. It can result in water to flow up and out of the drain and gurgle while it passes through water that is held in the p-trap.

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