Good plumbing is an essential part of any residential house/condo or office, and it must be performed with enough knowledge and competence, otherwise, problems cannot be avoided in the future.
If you have never done this, it is better to contact an expert. The scope of plumbing work, a professional plumber can do includes:

  1. 1.) A search of leakages in water and gas systems with a view to their elimination.
  2. 2.) Replacement of old sanitary equipment
  3. 3.) Fixing and installation of valves, bolts, taps, mixers, shower sets, siphons and bottom valves.Installation of water filters.
  4. 4.) Elimination of the pipe leakages.
  5. 5.) Plumbers not only address the plumbing issues in the kitchen, toilet, bathroom, and other rooms, where in one way or another, the water is supplied but also install and adjust gas systems.


The list of plumbing services usually include:

  1. 1.) Replacement of old pipes with the new ones, or their repair.
  2. 2.) 24-hour emergency services – this means taking urgent actions in case of emergencies – for example, an urgent cut off of the water supply caused by a pipe break when the apartment is flooded with water.
  3. 3.) Works on the installation of sanitary equipment in the toilet. Related to mains drainage.
  4. 4.) Installation of drainage systems. With properly installed drain pipes, water will easily flow down from the roof even when it rains hard.
  5. 5.) The laying and maintenance of the hot and cold water supply, heat and gas supply, sewerage and ventilation.
  6. 6.) Repairing your home’s heating and cooling systems.

When you contact a plumber, only reach to certified persons. Only they are able to help you in eliminating all the emergencies and guarantee the best service to you!
When choosing a specialist, pay attention to the following criteria s:

  1. 1.) A competent plumber must be certified and be able to quickly determine the cause of the problem and eliminate it.
  2. 2.) The approach to eliminating the problem must be professional.
  3. 4.) Plumbers must carry all the tools that are necessary to complete the work.
  4. 5.) Mast have a uniform.

Do not hesitate to ask what experience they have, and also ask if they have a certificate. This is important to make sure that the necessary work will be done, and you will not have to hire someone else to finish the job later.