For most households, a leaking faucet may almost be commonplace. We have old faucets that are leaking, may look rusty, or maybe are just plain out of style for modern faucets. Maybe you’ve found the ideal faucet for your bathrooms shiny new bathroom fixtures and would like to change it. Whichever situation is yours, replacing your faucet involves picking a new faucet, something that may seem like a daunting task. Picking a new faucet is simple. Once you have the right faucet, it’s only a matter of replacing your old one with your shiny, brand new one – and for those who don’t feel confident doing plumbing, it is advised that you contact a local plumber to replace faucets, as any missteps can cause damage to a house’s pipes and structure.


The faucets that you buy from most hardware stores can easily be fixated in place as long as you know what kind of faucet best works in your bathroom sink. Some common details to find out first:



  • Is your faucet a one hole or multiple hole faucet? If there are two or more holes, you may need to look at a faucet that features more than one or two wholes to install into the countertop. If you have one hole, then you may need to consider a faucet with just one whole. The difference in these can be the idea of having two knobs on each side of the faucet to change the strength of waterflow or simply just the size of the metal plate under the faucet for appearance sake.



  • Some faucets, luckily, do have a metal plate that takes up three holes, and can be optional, such as the one pictured above. These are available at your local hardware stores, and contacting a plumber can tell you which these are.


Knowing which faucet works in your bathroom or kitchen countertop may require checking your current faucet. This process may require examining your faucet, seeing how big the faucet is, what style it is and how big the metal plate under it is. If you find you have a three whole faucet, you will need to purchase one with three holes. If you have a one hole faucet, purchasing a single hole faucet may be your only option. Calling a plumber to attempt to install two more holes may be an option if you are dead set on a faucet that has only three holes.


Installing a faucet is a great diy project. With enough patience you can have the right sink faucet installed anywhere, although most plumbing experts will suggest calling a local plumbing company for an installation. The delicate pipes under your sink, the way your faucet is installed, may vary from structure to structure. It is recommended you turn off your water supply line, usually located in a basement, crawlspace, attic or lower ground area, before you even touch your sink. With the right expert plumber, you can easily have your new faucet installed, leak free and without the additional headache of having to go back and ask yourself what went wrong.



At Wrench It Up, our local plumbers are capable of installing all faucets, and with a simple call back, we can easily help install a brand new faucet at your earliest convenience. We work with your schedule, and we work with you.


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