Walking into a basement full of water can be a traumatic experience, especially if your cherished belongings are damaged beyond repair. Once you realize you have flooding in your basement, you need to act fast to deal with the problem at hand.

Do NOT Go In There!

First, you should NOT step foot in the flood water because of possible live circuits that can electrocute you or your loved ones. You should contact your electricity/utility provider to turn off your power in case the water reaches electrical outlets or your electrical panel. Also avoid using toilets because if the sewer system is causing the flooding, the flushed water may end up in your basement.

Contact Us Right Away!

Call Wrench It Up, available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, so we can send a licensed professional plumber to identify the problem and provide the solutions you need. Our team will fix the issue, repair your system, and help you understand what caused your problem.

Why Did My Basement Flood?

Flooding in your basement can be caused by leaks in your house’s foundation, malfunctioning of your drainage system, clogged downspouts, blockage in your sewer system, overflowing of the sewer system during heavy rainfall, or many other possibilities.

We will help you take the right steps to maintain proper functioning of your plumbing, keep water sealed out of your home, and keep all pipes and drainage clear.

We Can Make Sure It Never Happens Again

The best way for you to prevent flooding is to schedule a routine inspection with Wrench It Up so we can assess your home and any issues you may have. We will inform you about the key areas of your plumbing system and if necessary, install fixtures to prevent flooding.

Wrench It Up will provide you with the best plumbing service, inspections, and maintenance at an affordable price so you can feel comfortable and confident in your home without worrying about any unexpected plumbing disaster.

COVID-19 Update: In this critical time of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are taking extra efforts to ensure health and safety of our customers, technicians and community as we continue providing 24/7 plumbing services. Learn more about COVID-19 updates and safety measures at Wrench it up.