Does your bathroom or kitchen sink smells of rotten eggs or sewage? We have some tips for you to clean stinky sink drain. You will get rid of that nasty smell through your drain and you will enjoy your bathroom a lot better.

So what causes the stink? It could be down to something as simple as bacteria built up. This is most common in kitchens, where rotting food or cooking oil that’s been flushed down the sink can get trapped in the pipes. In bathrooms, hair might be washed down the drain, which could result in a blockage and eventually cause a smell. Sometimes sewer gas can rise up through the drains if there are empty drain traps. This happens more commonly in drains that are not used very often. If there is an odor that comes up with clogged drain pipes, you likely have a sewer pipe blockage.

How to Prevent Smelly Drains?  

Prevention is the key. It is far easier to prevent a drain problem than it is to fix one. To prevent odours from making your drains smelly, be sure to catch any food materials in a strainer to prevent it washing down the pipes. It is also beneficial to maintain your drain by running boiling hot water down it at the end of each day just to ensure everything is running smoothly.  

Avoid putting fat or oil down your sink also as this can result in significant build-up within the pipework. Hair and soap in bath and shower drains are also a problem, causing numerous blockages. To prevent this, use a sink strainer to catch any hair and soap and avoid it being washed into the pipework. Washing your drains regularly is especially effective. Drain cleaners used on a weekly basis are ideal for maintaining the health of your drainage system.  

How to Clean Smelly Drains? 

Thoroughly cleaning your drains regularly and keeping all sinks and drain catches clean of debris build-up is essential to promoting the health of your drainage system. Knowing how to clean a smelly drain is essential in fixing the problem and also preventing any future issues.

Prepare the Drain for Cleaning:  

Before you start cleaning, it is important to clear the drain opening of all debris – including any food, hair or soap scum. This will allow for your cleaning to be effective and will stop anything else being washed down the drain.

Flush Water through the Drain:  

To begin with, pour boiling water down the drain. Wait five minutes, then follow with cold water to help wash away in remaining grease. It is good to maintain the health of your drain by washing it out with boiling water at the end of each day. This is an effective technique as it keeps your drains running smoothly and stops material from building up. 


Use Baking Soda & Vinegar:

Baking soda is an especially popular cleaning method as it reacts with vinegar and boiling water and kills all odours.  Mix equal parts of vinegar and baking soda. When it starts to fizz, you can pour it down the drain, then keep pouring the boiling water steadily for 15 seconds and let it sit for at least an hour.  Baking soda and vinegar is ideal for effectively killing odours and it should tackle the source of the smell by effectively washing it away.  


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