That screaming moment when your kids flush toys!!! 

If you have children, you realize the amount they love to play with their toys anyplace and all over the place, including the toilet. Unfortunately, once in a while those toys go for a portentous swim and clog the toilet. Getting even a little toy out of the can be a dubious issue, especially since your trusty plunger will not usually be of any use. If your toilet has become blocked because of your kid’s preferred toy taking a jump, there are a couple of various advances and techniques you can follow to remove it. Let’s check it out step by step:

Step 1

Look for the shut-off valve behind the toilet and turn the valve completely clockwise to turn off the water supply to the toilet. If the item is still visible, try to grab tip of it by wearing gloves and after removing excess water from the toilet tank and toilet basin with a disposable container. If not, proceed to the following stage.  If you couldn’t grab it, use a bent hanger to hook onto the item and pull it out.

Step 2

 If you couldn’t grab it, use a bent hanger to hook onto the item and pull it out. Then, when the hook is down as far as it can go, push it down and gently trace the bottom of the drain pipe as you pull the hook back up. Hopefully, the hook will catch hold of the item on its way out.

Step 3

 If the item is far down the toilet drain, use a drain snake. Put the drain snake down into the toilet drain until you can feel the item or know that you have reached the place where it is stuck. Once you have find the item, try to grab hold of the item by pushing hook slightly past the item, then catching it as you pull the snake back up the drain. If you aren’t sure where the item is and didn’t feel it as you pushed the drain snake down, push the snake down as far as it will go. Then, try to feel around for the item as you slowly pull the drain snake back out.

Step 4

Remove the toilet. Start by using the plastic putty knife to remove the plastic bolt covers that secure the toilet to the floor. Use the adjustable wrench to remove the bolts. With a helper, lift up the toilet from the floor. Lean the toilet to the side and check the trap for the object.

If you don’t want to do these means alone and also sometimes expelling a flushed toy from a toilet can’t be effectively managed without the assistance of an expert. Call a licensed plumber from Wrench it up out to your home to analyze the most ideal approach to get the toy out of your toilet. We are prepared to do work like this regardless of whether it is emergency! Call us today for 24 hour service at (416) 800-5050

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