How to replace your toilet fill valve?

Have you heard whooshing sound of water flowing in toilet? Do you know where it is coming from? That may be due to fill valve leakage. The fill valve is the part of the toilet that is responsible for refilling the tank after being flushed. If your fill valve leaks, or if water continues to run after you flush, this is a sign that you should replace your toilet fill valve. 

To replace your toilet fill valve, follow these simple steps:

Drain the Water

Turn the water supply off (located below and behind the tank). Drain the water from the tank into a bucket and disconnect the water supply line. Discard the drained water from the tank and replace the bucket (or rags) beneath the tank to protect from spills.


Remove the existing valve

The toilet fill valve is located inside the toilet tank, usually off to one side. Loosen the nut that secures the fill valve to the water supply line by turning it counter clockwise with pliers or a wrench. Then, carefully pull the supply line out of the valve underneath the tank and remove the valve.


Install the New fill Valve

Remove the new toilet fill valve from its packaging. Be sure to read the directions it comes with. The fill valve should come fully assembled, so you should be able to put it straight into the toilet.

When you have the toilet fill valve in place, the final part of its installation is to tighten a lock nut onto the threaded part of the valve. This is located on the underside of the tank. When doing this, it is important not to tighten the nut too hard. The nut should be tightened by hand to ensure that you don’t tighten it too much.

Next, secure the water supply to the new fill valve and adjust the height, if necessary. Then, put the water feed tube back into place, in the downspout, and turn the water on.  When flushed, the water should stop at the right level, with no running and no leakage from the bottom of the tank.




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