Toronto has been experiencing more than its fair share of wild winter weather this season. All across the GTA, people are experiencing the ugly side of the Winter Thaw. As the snow falls, melts, falls – again and again – there are plenty of opportunities for the excess water to seep into your foundation and find its way into your home. A flooded Basement is a serious problem and can cause thousands of dollars in property damage. You’ll need a working sump pump to save the day.

A functioning sump pump can make all the difference in these ugly, early spring situations.Sump pumps are often associated with rainfall, but they are also essential for keeping out this excess thaw water. As water collects around your foundation, the pump works hard to remove it to a safe location outside your home. To keep yourself high and dry, you’ll need to make sure its always doing its job.

First, you’ll want to make sure it’s turned on and is efficiently discharging the water to somewhere away from your foundation. If any part of your system is not working, then when the water hits, you’re in trouble. A faulty sump pump should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible so it can properly protect your home.

You can test your sump pump at home by simply filling a bucket of water and slowly pouring it into the sump pit. Keep an eye on the water level, as if your pump is working correctly, it should automatically turn on and remove the water – after which it should shut off automatically.

If you’re concerned that one might not be enough, it’s always wise to install a backup sump pump. In situations where rapid flooding is a possibility (heavy rainfall, flash thaw, flooding), a single pump may burn itself out trying to removing the massive amounts of water. A backup pump will help assist your main pump and save the day in these extreme situations.

Don’t leave anything to chance this Spring, be proactive and ensure your sump pump system is reliable enough to protect your basement at all times. Wrench It Up can help you with anything sump-related, from repair, installing a backup pump, or burying the discharge line, so it doesn’t freeze. Contact us and schedule an appointment today!