Most of all people fear leaking kitchen sink, especially severe leaks brings a big headache.  When you identify a severe leakage, don’t wait, contact our emergency plumbers immediately. But sometimes there is a great chance for hidden leakages below the kitchen sink, which can lead to great turmoil.

To help you prepare for the next course of action, we have listed below some common causes of a leaking kitchen sink.

  1. Clogged P-Trap

The P-trap is a curved pipe positioned under the sink. It works as a trap to prevent any filthy stink from drifting out of the drain. Often food waste and oils, that are washed down the drain may coagulate within the trap and result in a blockage. When water is incapable to run smoothly, it causes leakages.

If this happens, you can try to fix it by dismantling the P-trap for cleaning. Otherwise, you can try a blend of vinegar, baking soda, and hot water to release out the dirt inside the trap. Use a plunger for the best results.

  1. Loose or Damaged Pipe Connection

Another cause for a leaking kitchen sink is a loose pipe connector. This can be fixed by tightening the joining pipes. If it is still loose, it could be due to dirt or residue build-up around the fitting.  So you must remove it and clean it thoroughly. Once it is cleaned the connector will tighten.

But, if there is a break in the piping connection under the sink, you must replace the pipe. For this, contact our plumbers. Don’t ignore it as this can gradually lead to big chaos.

  1. Silicone Erosion

If there is silicone erosion around the edges of the sink, it can cause leakages as well. This will commonly occur in traditional under mount and top mount sinks due to the method of installation. The gap between the edges provides a direct water leakage entry when the silicone wears off.

This is the silent type of leakage that can cause more damage over time. As moisture slowly oozes into the gaps of your cabinet, mould starts to develop initiating the wood to finally rot. By the time you catch a trace of the rotting wood, the damage is usually beyond repair.

So always make sure to investigate your plumbing systems regularly. You can try some DIY fixes, but if you cannot fix it, contact our plumbers immediately. As the leading plumbing service provider in Toronto, we provide 24-hour plumbing services at an affordable rate. Contact us now: (416) 800-5050


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