Weird and abnormal sounds are never something you want to hear in your home. Have you ever heardweird noises coming out of your pipes and plumbing? Plumbing noises are something you just don’t fancy to hear. Ideally, you shouldn’t anticipate hearing anything coming out of your pipes except running water. Properly installed and maintained plumbing should not make a noise, but when it does, you know you have plumbing issues. We know these sounds are not only annoying but could be a signal that indicates your system is not running at top efficiency.

Here are some sounds you might hear sometimes coming from your home’s pipes. If you hear these sounds, it is time to contact a licensed and experienced plumber from Wrench it up as soon as possible to solve the issue.

1. Knocking Sound

Do you hear a loud, knocking noise from your pipes and there are a number of different noises depending on when the sound occurs.

It might sound like your pipes are trying to get your recognition whenever you hear knocking sounds emerge from your plumbing, but there are a few points why this may be happening. Sometimes, you may hear knocking noise when you flush your toilet, when you turn your taps off, or when the washing machine has finished filling up, this is called a water hammer. A water hammer takes place when running water crashes into a valve that is closed suddenly, results in huge vibrations and a hammering sound. This noise usually the result of the water hammer arrestor has worn out. The problem can be that the builder never placed a water hammer arrestor.

If a hammering noise occurs when water is running it’s probably due to unusually high water pressure within the plumbing system. You can use a water pressure gauge to detect the pressure and if it’s very high You may need to install a pressure reduction valve to stop this from occurring, for that you may contact our plumbers in Toronto.  

Sometimes knocking will occur randomly during the day, the most likely cause is sediment build-up in the water heater. An increase in sediment can lead to increased vibration within the unit and, in turn, the pipes within your walls. Flushing your water heater separates the sediment and should settle the problem.

2. Dripping Noises

The sound of dripping can be easy to ignore because you may become so used to the sound and you may forget it’s even happening. It is, however, best to get it addressed before the issue changes from a drip to a gush! The damage may quickly become costly – both in repairing charges and the water bill charges.

3. Gurgling

When you flush the toilet does your shower drain or sink drain making gurgling or bubbling sounds If the answer is yes, This could be an indication of Air trapped in a pipe, a clogged pipe, Drain venting issue or even sewer line issues. This may seem like a small problem to start with, but it could be a sign of bigger, more expensive issues if not attended to as soon as possible.

4. Whining

High pitched whining or squeaking sounds coming out of your plumbing could be a sign of a worn-out pressure reduction valve. These noises can also be created by water flowing quickly through tiny openings or past a barrier in the pipe, causing vibrations in loose parts of the faucet or valve, triggering a whine. This could make trouble in the entire house or be isolated within your kitchen or your bathroom.

If you do have unusual noises in your home, you should definitely call in an expert plumber from Wrench it Up. The reason for the noises, if not examine and repaired shortly after you notice them, can become a very large, costly issue quicker than you think.

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