Plumbing Brands

Plumbing Fixture Brands

Trying to determine which company makes the best fixtures for plumbing? Asking a knowledgeable plumber is your best bet. They can give insightful guidance on the best quality, longevity, design, and value offered by brands.

Nevertheless, there are so many different brands available to choose from, it's difficult to determine what the best is. With this in mind, here are the top 10 plumbing fixture brands that today are recommended by experienced plumbers.

Delta Faucets & Fixtures:

delta plumbing fixture Delta has an award-winning line of faucets and outstanding quality and design are provided by the company. They are robust, well-designed, and worry-free, implement state-of-the-art technology and come in a wide range of beautiful finishes.



Moen Plumbing Fixtures:moen plumbing fixture

Moen has gained a reputation for producing plumbing fixtures of high quality. In both commercial and residential environments, its brass construction, water-saving technology, creative designs, and beautiful finishes are created to last a lifetime.



Kohler Plumbing Fixtures:

Kohler plumbing fixturesKOHLER manufactures some of the finest plumbing products worldwide. They have been made famous by their cutting-edge technologies, flawless functionality, longevity, and elegance in their line of kitchen and bathroom plumbing fixtures.




Pfister Bathroom & Kitchen Fixtures:

pfister plumbing fixtureIn both commercial and residential environments, Pfister bathroom and kitchen plumbing fixtures and accessories are valued for their ability to look nice and work well. They make some of the best looking, most robust plumbing fixtures in the industry.



General Electric:


general electric plumbing fixtureGeneral Electric (GE) is now a well-known brand, with a 100-year history of innovation and happy customers. From hybrid hot-water heaters to waste disposal systems, they generate everything.



American Standard Bathroom & Kitchen Fixtures:


American Standard Plumbing FixtureAmerican Standard is one of the oldest, biggest, and most respected manufacturers of faucets, sinks, tubs, and many other accessories for bathrooms and kitchens. Since 1875, they've been making plumbing accessories. They make the best toilets, bragging that they've been market leaders for over 100 years now. There are almost clog-free bathrooms. They also make common fixtures and faucets for households.