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We provide a wide range of toilet repair services such as blocked toilet, backed-up toilets, clogged toilets, overflowing toilet, dripping toilets, gurgling toilets, leaking toilets etc. If you have a recurring toilet problem, you should stop trying to fix it on your own. The recurring problem could be causing damage to your overall system without proper repair. We will install your new toilet, fix toilet plumbing issues and make sure that it works properly within your system. Our toilet repair services include toilet replacement, fixing leaky toilet, fixing blocked toilet, unclogging toilet, repairing running toilet etc.

Our toilet repair experts offer prompt, 24-hour toilet installation & repair services in Toronto. We always deliver professional and reliable service to fix all your toilet plumbing problems. Contact us today so we can provide the best toilet plumbing services at affordable prices.


We provide professional service across Greater Toronto Area. Our utmost priority is customer satisfaction and Wrench it up Toilet Repair team received a lot of praises from our customers for their prompt and neat service. Here are list of toilet plumbing services we offer:

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