Is your faucet leaking? Has your hydro bill gone up by a significant percentage ever since you noticed that old shower faucet in your master bedroom dripping just a teeny-tiny, little bit?


This may seem like a surprise, but a leaking faucet is very expensive. Saving has become an integral part of living in Toronto, especially with the rise in so many daily necessities like food, water itself, gas prices and even living expenses. The last thing on your mind is the runny faucet you’ve been ignoring in the rush of Toronto life. But the truth is, that same faucet could be a significant cause of your hydro bills going up. Faucets and pipes are some of the causes of the terrifying hydro-electricity bills.


It is possible to calculate the amount of drip needed to make a gallon. For an instance, one gallon of water dripping is around 15, 140 drips. One litre, therefore, is 4000 drips.



A leaking faucet is around ten drips per minute, making one faucet waste three litres per day. This amount of leakage can increase dramatically if you have more than one leaking faucet, a leaking showerhead, or even a leaking pipe. The overall discovery here is that you are damaging your house with the amount of water you are losing. You won’t need to calculate how much that much leaking water is costing you in hydro. That could be a lot of water you could fill in a bottle to consume instead.


So identifying a leaking faucet is incredibly vital in conserving your hydro bills and saving some money. Expert plumbers will recommend fixing your faucet immediately should you discover anything resembling a leak.



Usually, the first indicator of a leaking faucet can be a dripping faucet – most of us can hear the sound of the water dripping against the sink faucet. It can be quite irritating, and we may ignore it, but a dripping faucet can be very costly. This can happen for a variety of reasons, even to newly installed faucets, but the primary issue may merely be that the faucet was not installed properly.


Another common sign is water pooling around the base of your faucet can be another telltale sign that you need to call in your local plumber. This is a sign that installation has gone wrong in some capacity. This can happen to new and old faucets.


Perhaps one of the most serious signs of needing a replacement is rust buildup on or around the faucet, indicating perhaps that you need to change your faucet due to a buildup of rust on or inside of the faucet.



Whichever sign of a leaking faucet you may notice on your faucet, it may be a time to replace or repair the faucet. Purchasing a new faucet can be a daunting task, and calling a local plumber will help alleviate the stress, and save you some money in the long run. Wrench It Up has professional plumbers who can help identify any damaged faucets, provide the right repair, and help you save money for a long time to come.

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