When it comes to your plumbing system there are some indications are there that are letting you know that something is not quite right. Most major issues can simply recognize by using sensors such as smell, sound and sight. It is wise to keep a close eye on the plumbing system and regularly maintain it especially if you have old plumbing because they can be expensive to replace, Sometimes you only just need a repair. If the problem is severe, then the plumbing system needs to be replaced.

Here are some common signs that will indicate its time to replace your old plumbing system.


If you are finding cracks in your walls or foundations then it is a major sign, it shows that your pipes may be damaged, Often it is a mainline that has smashed and gone undiscovered.  Ignoring this problem will lead to further damages as it could even cause sinkholes to appear and it will be costly to repair.

2.Slow Drains

Every house owner has experienced a slowly draining tub or sink– this isn’t necessarily caused by a blockage, instead it may be due to lack of venting, which is often associated to old plumbing system.

Venting is usually fixed at the same time as drainage pipes and it permits pipes to easily drain, but this major move is often overlooked by house owners in a way to save little money. 

So, if you are facing slow drainage or low water pressure then you must act fast to avoid more problem and the thing you must do is install venting pipes to re-establish fast-draining water back to your property.

3.Leaky Tap

If you’re living in an old house then there is a major chance that you have some leaky taps in your home somewhere–it can be a serious problem and results in huge water bills!. Constant high water pressure, clogged pipes or corrosion will make the pipes weak and as a result, tap leakages will happen. 

When a tap starts to leak the problem is only going to get worse and you must act fast to solve the problem. Happily, most taps can be easily repaired with replacement parts or you can replace the tap completely to solve the issue. However, it is always better to call out a plumber from Wrench it up to do the job for you.

4.Discoloured or Smelly Water 

Water must be clear when coming out of your pipes, if you saw any different colour, you may need a repair– if your water from faucets starts to turn a yellowish or brownish colour and has an unusual smell then it can be a sign of corrosion in the pipes. 

This happens when overtime when the hard water chemically reacts with the pipe material, which causes the inside of the pipe to break down and they begin to rust and corrode. 

Not only is this water unpleasant if left untreated the pipes can be clogged by mineral deposits and become blocked and cause pressure to build inside the pipes, results bursting of your pipe and lead to horrible damage. If you’re doubting corrosion or rust, call licensed plumbers in Toronto immediately.


 If you’re noticing mould on wall and ceilings then chances are perfect that water is running somewhere it shouldn’t be! It is always best to try and locate it and deal with it quickly as leaving it can result in a lot of damages and with it bring some huge repair bills! If you notice a leak, then you should call a plumber straight away.

If you have been suspecting any of the above signs in your house, don’t wait to improve your plumbing system until it’s too late. Instead, call professional plumbers from Wrench it up, will help you assess, and repair your plumbing issues. Call our team today at (416) 800-5050 to book an appointment.

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