Nowadays, it is hard to keep up with youngsters’ new slang words, right? So, isn’t it our time to get revenge on them, then? In the plumbing sector, we have our own plumbing jargon terms, so let’s start using these terms to confuse them!
On a more serious note, some terms that plumbers are using while working might make you grin when you first hear these terms! Here is a list of the funniest plumbing terms selected by Wrench It Up!

Aerator: No, it is not related to biology and no… It is not a type of alligator or reptile. It is in fact, a plumbing device that restricts the amount of water coming out of the faucet while maintaining a similar flow rate.
Nipple: It is unrelated to anatomy. A nipple is a short pipe fitting that brings together two other pipes. Sometimes, we call it a double male, here, it is still not related to the anatomy.
Drip Channel: No, it won’t be your new favourite Plumbing Youtube Channel. It is the part on showers that stops water inside from dripping.

Sweating the pipe: It is an essential step to prevent plumbing leaks. It is the process of fusing a pipe or joint to another part.
Cockhole cover: These covers are used to cover unused holes in sinks.
O-rings: Plumbing O-rings are designed to prevent water leaks in plumbing fixtures.
Snake: Even if there was various plumbing cases involving snakes clogging the toilet, this term doesn’t deal with snakes here. It is in fact, a long wire that goes into plumbing pipes to remove clogs.
Ballcock: It is a mechanism meant to fill water tanks such as those in flush toilets to avoid overflow for instance.

And finally, Inserting the male hose into the female fitting: Also known as mating, this humorous expression means basically, screwing two parts together.
Despite these particular amusing terms, we hope that you got familiar with the plumbing language, Wrench It Up will always be committed to your needs and we’ll always be available for you 24/7.

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