We all get used to a certain level of water pressure in our homes. Sometimes, an excessively low or high level of pressure can cause us discomfort. Some people may prefer an increased level of water pressure, because they feel it provides more of a cleansing feeling in the shower. However, there are plumbing problems associated with both high and low water pressure that are worth understanding.

Low Pressure

If you notice a decrease in water pressure, your system may be experiencing problems such as clogged aerators (screens on your taps), frozen or damaged pipes, or external factors such as a malfunctioning fire hydrant or construction in your area.

High Pressure

On the other hand, your water pressure may increase. This causes damage to your pipes and wastes a lot of water over time, ultimately costing you money. If you notice recurring leaks in your home or toilets running without being used, then you should seek an inspection from a licensed plumber. The high water pressure can cause expensive damage to your system like burst pipes or flooding.

Leave It To The Pros at Wrench It Up

While there are ways to fix issues with do-it-yourself remedies, you may only fix a symptom of the real problem. Our team will make sure to do a thorough inspection of your home and plumbing system. We make sure there are no subtle issues that could lead to expensive disasters. Only a trained professional can effectively assess your intricate plumbing system. It is important to ensure that it is both working properly, without minor issues that would be hard to notice.

If you notice your water pressure increase or decrease, Wrench It Up!

Wrench It Up will send a licensed professional plumber to your home or business to test your water pressure, isolate the issue, and provide affordable solutions. We can install apparatus (pressure regulator or pressure booster) and repair any damage your plumbing system. Contact us today so we can help you feel confident about your plumbing system and comfortable with your water pressure.


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