You don’t need an expert plumber to tell you what an emergency plumbing issue is. In fact, all you need is the ability to see where the plumbing issue is and to identify the problem. When there is a problem with your plumbing, and you need the repair on short notice, having an emergency plumber nearby locally can be a total lifesaver – can you imagine dealing with a clogged drain in your kitchen for more than a day because you have no plumbers available to unclog it? Often, severe inconveniences can arise from emergency plumbing incidents, especially the variety that can cause permanent damage to any of your drains, pipes and faucets. Recognising some of these issues as an emergency can put you one step closer to calling an emergency plumber, and then another step closer to fixing it.



The following are some emergency plumbing incidents that happen commonly but may require an emergency plumber’s fix. Wrench it Up has 24-hour services that can fix any of these issues, and prevent some of the permanent damage that could make a recovery from a plumbing issue much more expensive.


Clogged Sink, Clogged toilets and clogged drains: How often do you deal with a clogged toilet? Probably more than you can count. A clogged sink, drain or toilet can be a nightmare. Although none of these are severe emergencies, if water flow stops completely, you may have a serious problem in mind. You could notice a leak occurring as a result of the clogging in any of these structures. What’s worse is any of these leaks could present serious sewage backups if they are severe, and the smell that is associated with a severe toilet clogging will indicate the hazardous nature of the problem. Calling a local plumber to fix this emergency as soon as possible will ensure you don’t damage the environment and your home, and help show you how to avoid these problems in the future.


Leaking Water Heater: A water heater is one of the most important pieces of plumbing machinery in your home. If you notice a leak or a crack in your water heater or find that you have no hot water flowing in your home, calling an emergency plumber should be an absolute priority. Your water heater is an important investment into your home, and having no hot water affects multitudes of your life. Any plumber can help fix your water heater, and give you the peace of mind that you need.



Burst Pipes: If it’s cold winter and you notice that one of your pipes has frozen over, or burst open, it is time to call an emergency plumber. Frozen pipes are a huge hazard to the safety of your home, and can cause damage to the structure of your building. An emergency plumber can help with the unfreezing your pipes and the replacement of any burst pipes throughout your home. We in “the North” face a multitude of winter-related plumbing issues, and emergencies may be commonplace to some homes. Knowing where a burst pipe is can help identify issues with the pipe, and then you can go back to your routine without worrying about the integrity of the structure of your pipes.


Sewer System Backups: This plumbing nightmare can be costly and inconvenient. Signs of this issue range from sewage odours coming from drains, gurgling toilets, and even multiple drain clogs. This emergency can leave putrid smells throughout your building, make your water dirty and even leave water pooled around your basement. If you see any of these signs, calling a competent plumber can save you a lot of time and money.


We expect our plumbing systems to work without a problem. When something goes wrong quickly, you can rely on Wrench It Up’s expert local plumbers to arrive quickly. Contact us and we’ll respond back as quickly as possible. Your emergency could end up damaging your entire home, give you more stress and even impact the environment, and these are three things that Wrench It Up is dedicated to fighting against. No matter what your plumbing emergency is, we’ll go the extra mile to make sure that you’re armed against it.


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